Beauty trends to look forward in 2020

Beauty trends to look forward in 2020

Beauty trends to look forward in 2020

From dazzling micro French tips to the gold’ hairclips. We have some amazingly nostalgic trends coming back with a twist this 2020. There are easily adaptable options to look forward to and implement farther into your daily regimen. Let’s take a look at some of the things that we will come across throughout this year.

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This makeup trend will transcend more as we proceed towards the second half of this year, getting more extravagant and bling. Start small with this trend and flaunt the shiny eyes.

Knotted headband

If you have been someone who has liked hair accessories, you might want to invest some of your coins into this adorable knotted headband. A multitasking accessory.

Pastel eyeshadows

The charm of the 60’s pastel-twiggy-vibe is going to make a huge impact on the upcoming beauty trends of the globe.

Blush pink makeup

Everybody is really big on flaunting the apples of their cheeks flushed with rose. Blush is going to be a daily wear thing along with ultra-hydrated makeup.

Hair clips!

YES! You heard it right! They are back. They are big. And they are ready to roll.

Ageless beauty

According to harper’s bazaar, age is just a number when you are fashionable. Old is gold, as we have been saying since forever, will be something we can vouch on as the year of amazing changes proceed.

Hyper PERSONALISED skincare.

From anti-bacterial swabs to biome testing, the personalized skincare, body care, hair care range is going to skyrocket the markets. Stay tuned as your favorite brand might come out with it soon.

Anti-pollution skincare

Yes, you read that right. Anti-pollution is going to get as common as sun protection in the coming year

MEN centric beauty brand

WHAT?! Oh yes, men, the centric beauty brand will blow the market away very soon. It is not gender-neutral, not for women, but men! Boys can definitely look forward to engaging in more of beauty and accept self-care as much as other things.

Collagen-based supplements

We all know that makeup is itself wholesome, but people are getting more conscious about getting what is right for their skin. Not from the outside, but inside. Collagen is going to get grand in the market as the awareness is generated.


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