Boosting Immunity against Coronavirus: All you need to know

Boosting Immunity against Coronavirus: All you need to know

Boosting Immunity against Coronavirus: All you need to know

Coronavirus or COVID-19 Pandemic continues to threaten and disrupt the normal lives of populations across the world. While many countries are fighting with the fatal dangers that are prone to humanity and mankind by this virus, we too, as a responsible individual can contribute to this fight against COVID-19 by boosting immunity against Coronavirus.

But while we are going to be discussing various measures to boost immunity against coronavirus, it is equally important not to abstain from following proper hygiene. Health and safety etiquette like washing or sanitizing hands frequently; wearing a mask (that covers your nose too, apparently); maintaining social-distancing, and avoiding crowding at public places should be practiced diligently while boosting immunity against coronavirus.

Why should we boost our immunity against Coronavirus?

Even though the COVID-19 virus isn’t too severe for young and healthy individuals, but for elderly people and people suffering from pre-existing illnesses like hypertension, cardiovascular disorders, and diabetes, it is proven quite serious and if left untreated, fatal too.

Since most people don’t show any symptoms of the virus but can transmit it to others, it becomes of the utmost importance to have a solid immunity that curbs the infection of this virus.

So let’s see the various list of simple yet effective measures one can follow and implement to boost their immunity against coronavirus.

Food and Diet

With our immunity having a direct connection with the food we eat, our food intake and diet form the major contributors as immunity-boosters and determine our all-round health. Having a proper, balanced diet that consists of all nutrients including carbs (rice, wheat, potatoes), proteins (eggs, meat, pulses), fats (ghee, butter) vitamins, and minerals (all your leafy vegetables) not only strengthens the body by giving all essentials but also enhance one’s acquired immunity.

For diabetics, a low-carb diet with more focus on proteins and regular consumption of vegetables rich in vitamins like ascorbic acid, beta-carotene, and folic acid will help in building resilience and keep off infections.

Following are some superfoods that are quite essential for boosting immunity against coronavirus:

  • Leafy and cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, and spinach are good sources of vitamin E.
  • Flax seeds, along with melon seeds and pumpkin seeds are also excellent sources of vitamin E.
  • Ginger (Zingiber officinale) has been proven to reduce nausea and has anti-inflammatory properties and thus, has been used in several kadhais (decoction or extracts)
  • Cinnamon, cloves and peppermint contain volatile oils that have anti-congestive properties.
  • Many citrus fruits such as oranges, sweet lime, and Amla (gooseberry) are rich sources of vitamin C and have antioxidant properties that help boost our immunity against coronavirus.
  • Leaves of Tulsi, Vasaka, and Adulsa have immunity-boosting agents and antitussive
  • Turmeric (Haldi) contains curcumin and has anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and immune-boosting properties.
  • Herbs such as garlic, cumin, coriander, Mulethi (Glycyrrhiza glabra), and curry leaves have antiviral

Not only organic foods but food supplements are also a good alternative as immunity-boosters. Although harmless, do consult with your doctor about a supplementation regimen. Some of these are:

  • Supplements rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids; Vitamin C supplements and Vitamin D helps increase mental ability and the body’s immune response.
  • Probiotics like yogurt, curd, and Yakult contain good bacteria and can improve gut immunity and nutrient absorption in the body.

Drink plenty of Fluids

While consumption of a healthy balanced diet is necessary, it is also equally important to drink a minimum of 8-10 glasses of water every day to remain hydrated. Water helps in osmoregulation; detoxification of harmful toxins that may have accumulated in the body and moreover quenches thirst too!

Besides water, citrus juices and coconut water is also a good alternative for boosting immunity against coronavirus.

Have adequate Sleep

A good shut-eye of a minimum of seven hours is quite essential for keeping a person sane and functioning, right! We often underestimate the value of sleep and people who don’t get enough sleep can’t stress about it more. Lack of sleep actually weakens body immunity. So avoid blue light, dim those lights, get a cold pillow, and just like that, boost your immunity against coronavirus.


A healthy diet should be followed by a good exercise routine. Move around. Jump around. Don’t sit idle. Make most of your time. You don’t necessarily need to go for extreme ones like HIIT or Crossfit, just a simple warmup of 30-45 minutes is enough to energize your body and improve metabolism, which has a direct correlation with body immunity.

Say No to Stress!

These surely are some difficult times, but you know what is the most beautiful thing about time? It passes. So don’t be stressed out by constantly worrying or unnecessary anxiety. Pick a hobby, do some recreational activities or call your loved ones, in fact, there’s no better time than this to spend with your family, so live every minute of it.

Practice Yoga and Meditation

“Divert all your negative energy into Yoga and gain all the positive energy through Meditation

That should be our mantra too since we have already discussed how bad too much stress and anxiety is. Meditation calms down the nerves. We all know that medication is important for the healing of the body; Similarly, for the healing of the soul, one must advocate the practice of meditation for boosting their well-being and immunity against the coronavirus.

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