Can glutathione whiten skin? Glutathione functions, Effects, & Results

How Long does it take for Glutathione to slow the result of skin whitening

Can glutathione whiten skin? Myth Busted!

Are you looking for ways to lighten your skin? Have you wondered if there is any way you can lighten your skin tone even though you acquired your skin complexion genetically or by having to work under direct sunlight? In this case, glutathione is what you are looking for and what you should intake to get fair skin. Now there can be a doubt can glutathione whiten skin? Let us find the answer!

What is Glutathione?

People often consider skin lightening as a myth, but it is possible. If you have heard about glutathione and are skeptical, whether can glutathione whiten skin? Then you should know what glutathione is.

Glutathione is an antioxidant that is produced by the body inside cells. Glutathione is composed mainly of three amino acids, namely glutamine, glycine, and cysteine. It may be naturally produced, but glutathione levels can be reduced in our body due to a number of factors like poor nutrition, environmental toxins, and stress.

The level also decreases with age. But glutathione is a very important antioxidant, the decrease in its level can have bad effects on our body. Since glutathione can also guarantee fairer skin, taking glutathione supplements to boost and balance its level in our body is important. So to answer your question, “can glutathione whiten skin” is yes!

Functions of Glutathione

  1. Glutathione has a huge role in several biological functions. The most important functions are
  2. Sulfhydryl group of proteins and other molecules maintenance
  3. Catalysis of exchange reactions
  4. Amino acids translocation across cell membranes
  5. Free radical scavenging, most importantly hydrogen peroxide.
  6. Xenobiotic detoxification
  7. Participates as a coenzyme in the important process of cellular metabolism Skin whitening

Glutathione for skin whitening

Whitening skin is a craze that people have specifically in Asia. You must be thinking about how glutathione can whiten the skin. Glutathione’s antioxidant property gives it a name as a skin whitening agent along with many other benefits like protection from a viral infection, improvements of liver abnormalities and diabetic complications. Now for dermatological reasons alone, different types of glutathione supplement products are now available in the market. But it is important that consumers choose the right product and use them according to the number of doses prescribed by doctors or pharmacists since the intake of irregular and higher doses than prescribed of glutathione may have adverse effects on your body.

When glutathione supplements are taken, a higher dose of what is available will be present in our bodies. Thus the pathway of melanin will be altered, leading to reverse the melanin metabolism. This leads to the turning of dark pigmentations (eumelanin) to light pigmentations (pheomelanin) by inhibiting and blocking the Tyrosinase enzyme. Take the supplements continuously and consistently to see proper results and acquire lighter skin. Why it is important that the glutathione intake must be prescribed is because the dosage should be based on a person’s body weight as well as the color of the skin. Glutathione should also be consumed with Vitamin C at least equal to or twice the glutathione dosage.

Glutathione can give the skin a radiant glow. It can control acne and prevent acne marks. Furthermore, it can defy the aging process, protect skin from the sun and environmental damages, lighten skin color, pigmentation, tan and freckles, anti-aging and anti-wrinkle, making the skin smooth. Glutathione can make your skin fresh and radiant and can also heal your wounds faster, thus nourishing the skin.

Our favorite company, Skin Project, has several glutathione supplements available in their market. Skin Project’s glutathione products, like their collagen products, are found to be very effective. Take Skin Project’s glutathione supplements like ‘Spotless Glutathione XT’ consistently for brighter radiant skin right away. Thus for your question “Can glutathione whiten skin?” the surer answer will be Skin Project’s glutathione supplements sure can whiten your skin!

How long does it take for glutathione to show the results?

The effects of Glutathione supplements are usually seen within three weeks of usage. It usually depends on how consistently you take the medication. The results will also depend on what your skin tone is, along with how consistently you take the supplements. The results will also depend on your general health and your metabolism.

Depending on all these factors, the changes should be visible within 6 to 18 months after taking glutathione supplements. You should also not stop intaking glutathione even though you achieved your desired skin tone. Its whitening features are only permanent if you maintain the intake of glutathione supplements with a lesser dosage than you used to take.

But don’t worry, you will not go back to the skin tone you used to have even if you stopped taking the glutathione supplements even though there is a chance of you getting tanned than the skin tone you acquired.


It must answer your question of can glutathione whiten skin now. Then why must you wait anymore instead of getting into the path that will lead you to brighter fairer skin? Is this what you have always wanted?

Other than having to remember to take glutathione on a regular basis, there is nothing else that is disadvantageous of this skin whitening method. So now, without wasting a minute, go search ‘how can glutathione whiten your skin’, search for the right kind of glutathione supplement for you, purchase and start taking them as soon as you can!

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