Collagen for men

Collagen for Men

Collagen for Men

Collagen is associated with radiant skin, stronger bone health, and a youthful body. A common misconception exists that collagen supplements are only used by women. We are here to tell you that collagen does not discriminate against your preferred gender. Apart from beauty benefits, collagen has numerous health benefits. It is an important protein for all and we’ll tell you six reasons why men should start using collagen supplements immediately.

Collagen for Men

Collagen Sleep Latte - Anti Stress, Skin Repair, Hair, And Joint Support

In today’s stressful chaotic lifestyles, we underplay the importance of sleep, in leading a happy healthy life.

Sleep deprivation not only reduces immunity, accelerates aging, but also leads to depression and anxiety.

  1. Helps prevent hair loss – Due to genetic and environmental causes, men tend to start losing hair as they grow older. Although it`s largely due to genetics, usually men do not take it seriously until they start noticing hair loss. Collagen keeps the hair follicles strong and helps replenish lost hair. It helps maintain luscious strong hair on your scalp and improves your hair health from within.
  2. Good for bones and joints – Using collagen regularly keeps your joints smooth and daily tasks like walking or climbing stairs don’t feel like a burden even as you age. Collagen helps in easing pain resulting from Osteoarthritis. It also helps in fast recovery in cases of sports injuries and minimizes the risk of fractures.
  3. Age gracefully – Everyone wants to age gracefully. As you grow older, your body starts producing lesser collagen which leads to fine lines and wrinkles. Your skin starts losing its elasticity and collagen helps beat this. By manufacturing collagen proteins in your body, these supplements keep you young, radiant and support natural anti-aging.
  4. A healthy gut – Collagen is great for you if you suffer from conditions like leaky gut syndrome or inflammatory bowel syndrome. Bid goodbye to constipation and bloating by making collagen supplements a regular part of your daily routine. Collagen supports cell flexibility in every cell in your gut, thereby helping in reducing inflammation and protecting the lining of your intestines.
  5. Helps muscle recovery – After a strenuous workout or day at work, collagen helps you bounce back quickly with a special combination of amino acids. Your tendons and ligaments contain about 75% collagen so consuming it as a supplement can help reduce potential pain or injury. Collagen also helps reduce inflammation due to strain from intense lifting or high-impact exercise.
  6. Improves metabolism and boosts energy – The amino acids in collagen, particularly glycine, glutamine, and arginine, play an important role in supporting healthy metabolisms and muscle mass. Collagen also keeps the central nervous system healthy which can help maintain optimal energy levels.

Beauty Sleep Collagen Latte

The SKIN PROJECTS NEW Beauty sleep   is a  breakthrough in the science of beauty and wellness . Elements of ancient Ayurveda with the latest in cellular bioactive absorption. That with our natural magic like formula combining a new matrix of proline and glycine based marine collagen, a herbal adaptogens spice mix, a bioactive sleep blend known for its therapeutic effect. This heartwarming bedtime tropical vanilla milk is sure to become your bedtime beauty ritual.

Do you still feel collagen is for women only? Why don’t you try out our new product, Collagen Sleep Latte Man, and tell us the great difference it makes to your immunity and health? We promise you stronger joints, reduced stress, and clean skin.

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