Collagen Hot Chocolate

Collagen Hot Chocolate

Collagen Hot Chocolate

Winters call for a cup of hot chocolate in the evening with our loved ones, gazing at the view outside or huddled inside a blanket with a mug in hand, browsing through Netflix and spending the night. Getting that extra boost of protein before bedtime is the perfect way to unwind your day.

Try this recipe of Collagen Hot Chocolate, a perfect night drink during winters.

To make a cup of super healthy hot chocolate you will need:

Milk / Nondairy milk



Cacao powder


15ml Beauty Sleep Collagen Latte or Collagen Sleep Latte for Man

To make the collagen hot chocolate, add the non-dairy milk, cashews, date, cacao powder, and cinnamon to a small pot and bring to a boil. Add the mixture to your high powdered blender, along with the collagen, and blend until smooth. Pour into your favorite mug and top with some more cinnamon (or coconut whipped cream) and sit back and enjoy! It really couldn’t be easier and makes a healthy protein hot chocolate.


Beauty Sleep Collagen Latte or Collagen Sleep Latte for Man helps get the perfect relaxed sleep. With powers that boost immunity, restore skin’s glow, and improve muscle mass, this is the perfect bedtime routine blended with the nutrients from dry fruits.

Sip it 30 minutes before bed and notice a difference in your lifestyle this winter. Happy Sipping!

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