Collagen Inject or Supplements?

Collagen Inject or Supplements?

Collagen Inject or Supplements?

Aging is a natural process. Skin aging is a by-product that takes place with time. It starts when you are 25 and becomes visibly evident around 35 or 40. The rate at which your skin loses its elasticity is mainly due to the production of collagen, apart from other environmental and genetic factors. We looked at the two most popular methods of anti-aging and analyzed them closely.

Injecting Collagen

Injecting collagen directly into the skin is an intrusive method of providing your body with the necessary protein. An injection yields instant results that last three to six months. After that period the collagen is broken down by the body and the effect disappears. In other words, the effect is temporary and the injections are not cheap. Nowadays, injections mainly use hyaluronic acid, and as a result collagen injection are becoming less and less frequent. The drawbacks are the price tag and the short-lived effect.

Collagen Supplements

Collagen that is administered orally is broken down in the intestines and breaks up into peptides, which the blood then transports to the skin. Small scale researches have proven the efficiency of Collagen Supplements and Collagen Drinks. Unlike injections, this is a longer-lasting method because it becomes a part of your dietary and lifestyle routine. It gives you clear skin, stronger immunity, and an overall healthy body.

Our verdict? While Collagen injections are short-lived and temporary, Supplements go a long way in keeping you young and healthy. In the end, it entirely depends on the person’s priorities and budget, but our brownie point goes to Supplements all the way!

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