Collagen on Empty Stomach - Good or Bad Idea?

Collagen on Empty Stomach – Good or Bad Idea?

Collagen on Empty Stomach – Good or Bad Idea?

Collagen Supplements are being consumed more than ever now. Shiny hair, strong nails, smooth skin, and immunity, Collagen promises all good things. The difficult part is deciding how and when to take it? The right age is when you start noticing signs of aging and want to lock in your youngness forever

Collagen supplements come in various forms – hydrolyzed collagen peptides, tablet formula, and drink. They can be added to all kinds of foods and beverages. It’s soluble in both hot and cold liquids and all kinds of food. While Skilixir is a drink formula, our Red Berry Collagen Peptides can be dissolved in smoothies and even mocktails!

Now, the question remains, should you take collagen on an empty stomach? There are many people who claim taking collagen on an empty stomach provides them with the best results. Many people abide by this method because you need stomach acid to digest proteins, so in theory, taking collagen on empty stomach ensures you will be able to better break down the collagen. However, you do not need to take collagen on an empty stomach to obtain the benefits. Whether you decide to take it this way is up to you!

We recommend Skilixir and Spotless Glutathione be taken on an empty stomach for efficient results, while Beauty Sleep Collagen is a bedtime drink for you. In conclusion, you do you! Follow a routine that works for you and helps you achieve that glow.

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