How can You be a Conscious Beauty Lover?

How can You be a Conscious Beauty Lover?

How can You be a Conscious Beauty Lover?

‘Natural’ ‘Clean’ ‘Green’

For conscious beauty consumers, these words can have a gravitational pull. We seldom believe that brands that use these words are definitely sustainable. A lot of times, these words are simply plastered on advertisements to give out false information. In order to save the oceans and the environment, why not make a few changes to our personal routine? These fancy words and terms won’t save the planet, but our actions will. Here’s how you can ensure that you are doing your part in keeping the oceans clean while consuming beauty products.

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  1. Finish it – Always remember to buy a new bottle of moisturizer only when your old one is completely over. Do not leave bottles half used on your shelves. Finish products to its maximum capacity before purchasing new ones.
  2. Reuse – The packaging that your beauty and skin products come in can be reused. Look up interesting ways to turn your old supplement bottle into a storage bottle for earrings or masala. Paint them in vibrant colours and make planters out of them. The possibilities are endless! Find out fun and quirky ways to upcycle old bottles and containers. Do not throw them away.
  3. Shop smart – Buy from brands that practice ethical sourcing and share information about the ingredients being used in their products. Demand transparency and honesty from all brands and hold them accountable for withholding information.
  4. Recycle – If you aren’t keen on upcycling or do not have space for any more stuff in your home, give away old containers and bottles to your local recycling shop. They collect containers in bulk and give it to companies that use these old bottles to put them into use again. A lot of products have bottles that can be recycled but we often overlook the sign. Next time you are about to throw an old makeup container into the dustbin, pause and check for the recycling sign.

A few lifestyle changes can go a long way to ensure that our planet remain healthy and better than what it is currently. What good is a recyclable plastic bottle if it still ends up in a landfill?

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