How to Get The Perfect Festive Glow

How to Get The Perfect Festive Glow

How to Get The Perfect Festive Glow.

Every year, Diwali calls for a cleaning session with your family. Old unwanted things are given away to make space for better things and every corner of the house is squeaky shiny. But what about cleansing ourselves? Why not aspire for radiant and spotless skin this festive season and start working towards it? Here are a few guaranteed tricks and tips to achieve the glow and look your most beautiful self on Diwali.

Collagen Instant Drink Mix (Redberry)

Collagen Instant Drink Mix (Redberry)


  1. 1 -2 sachets daily helps in skin hydration smoother, healthier skin.
  2. Promotes hair growth
  3. Improves circulation, gut health &immunity 
  4. Joint , bone and cartilage health 
  5. Helps tone the muscles faster 

1. Hydrate yourself – Install a water reminder app if you have to but please drink more water! We cannot emphasize the importance of drinking at least 7 glasses of water per day. Hydrating yourselves will help flush out the toxins in your body and keep your moisture intact.

2. Consume more fruits and vegetables – We know you have been hearing this since you were a child. “Finish those veggies”, our moms would say and we would turn the other way. Only now that we have grown up do we realize the value of eating well. Avoid junk food and include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. By keeping a tab on what you eat, you will ensure that your skin gets the essential vitamins and minerals.

3. Right supplements – Add the right supplements to your diet that will help repair your skin from within. Our body becomes weaker as we grow old and slows down the production of an important protein like skin project collagen. The right supplements will ensure the intake of this vital protein and aid repair your skin.

4. Remove your makeup – How tempting it is to change into your night suit and go directly to sleep after a wild night out! Research shows that wearing your makeup to bed results in clogged pores and worsens the health of your skin. Always keep a cotton wipe and makeup remover next to your bed. Wash, cleanse, moisturize, and tone your skin before diving into your world of dreams.

The religious practice of these tips and inculcating the habit along with exercising frequently will help you achieve the radiance you long for. This Diwali, cleanse your skin from inside out just like your cupboard shelves.

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