How to Nourish Your Hair the Right Way

How to Nourish Your Hair the Right Way

How to Nourish Your Hair the Right Way

Winter is coming and it sure isn’t shying away from making its presence felt this time around. The temperature is going to be colder, especially in the northern parts of India. The season of beanies and woolen sweaters is here and we are all excited to snuggle into our blankets and sip a hot cup of tea when the chill sets in the evenings. While we enjoy the warmth of the sun on a winter morning, we must also remember to take care of our hair and body.

Cold weather brings along with it dandruff and flaky hair and while covering them up in quirky hair accessories solves the problem temporarily, won’t it be better if you took a little extra care of your hair and nourished them from within? We’ll tell you how.

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1. Oil your hair – Our grandmothers have been reciting the greatness of coconut oil for decades and we are sleeping on this wonder product. While the international market is now promoting oiling your hair, we Indians have always had a culture of elders applying a generous amount of oil on our hair and braiding them. Why not continue this practice ourselves and spend some time dedicating to massaging our hair? It will leave you feeling relaxed and improve the health of your hair in just a matter of a few weeks. Oil your hair twice a week for best results.

2. Watch what you eat – The right nourishment and nutrients will go a long way in reviving your hair. Eating fresh fruits, vegetables, and omega-rich foods will provide you all the right minerals and vitamins for your health. Additionally, including the right collagen supplements will keep your hair shiny and voluminous by repairing your roots from within.

3. Sulphate free shampoo – Usually, we buy shampoos based on advertisements and recommendations from our friends. Remember that all of us have a different hair structure and before using a shampoo long term, study your hair type, and analyze what suits best for you. Using shampoos that are free of sulphate is the most recommended by doctors and experts. Sulphate free shampoos are soft on your scalp and treat your hair without stripping it off of its natural oils.

This winter season, be better prepared and share these tricks with your loved ones. As we welcome the onset of the cold weather, keep your blankets close, sweaters ready and haircare on top of the to-do list.


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