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Radiant Skin Juice

Radiant Skin Juice

How about a juice that promises you glowing skin? We’ve got just the recipe for you to try out with easily available ingredients. For an easy breakfast juice, this not only gives you a healthy dose of collagen peptides, but it also includes vitamin-rich fruits (especially those high in vitamin C) and vegetables to help your skin glow and spur collagen production naturally.

To make two glasses of juice you will need:

1 apple

1 orange

6 carrots

2 to 3 inches of ginger

1 cucumber

½ lemon (juice the entire ½ lemon)

1 handful of spinach

2 sachets Red Berry Collagen Drink Mix

Wash and prepare the ingredients. Add all ingredients except the collagen through the juicer. Before serving the juice in individual glasses, stir in the collagen peptides—stir until dissolved. Pour and enjoy!


Each sachet of Collagen instant drink mix contains hydrolyzed collagen mix and is formulated with 5000mg marine collagen along with natural berry extracts for overall body detox & biotin. 1 -2 sachets daily will help in skin hydration smoother, healthier skin. It also promotes hair growth, Improves circulation, gut health & immunity, joint, bone, and cartilage health. It also helps tone the muscles faster. It’s the best blend of marine collagen and peptides.

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