Skin Project is a Celeb Favorite

Skin Project is a Celeb Favorite

Skin Project is a Celeb Favorite

Skin Project believes in natural beauty and the rightful values of freedom, liberty & equality for all sexes. It has been a while since we started the brand with a commitment to younger-looking skin and strong individuals. Within the short span of time that we have been consistently serving you, a lot of lovelies have joined the Skin Project family and taken the collagen challenge.

Recently, a lot of celebrities have spoken to us about their love for all our products and how they can’t live without it! Is it the natural extracts or the convenient packaging and formula? It could also be the authenticity of our marine collagen. Whatever the reason, we can assure you it is the latest buzz on b-town.

Bollywood heartthrob actor, Saqib Saleem, recently tried the Collagen Sleep Latte for Man and instantly fell in love. A new favorite bedtime drink, he describes it as the perfect end to a long day. Collagen isn’t meant for just one gender. Skincare is for all, so why should men not be a part of it?

Our favorite actress from Mohabbatein, Kim Sharma, recently took the Skin Project challenge and has been using Skilixir for close to a month now. And needless to say, she is hooked! The radiance and glow are unmatched with any other beauty product, she says. Needless to say, Skilixir is how she begins her day and it is the perfect beauty routine.

Many more entrepreneurs and artists have been getting on the Collagen bangwagon with us, why don’t you give it a try too?

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