Importance of sleep and issues due to sleep deprivation

Importance of sleep and issues due to sleep deprivation

Importance of sleep and issues due to sleep deprivation

A good night’s rest also implies a tremendous next morning. The most underrated activity in the human lifespan, sleeping, is as important as eating food. Sleep is connected to different aspects of human life, ranging from social and emotional intelligence to physical and mental health. For some people, even sleep is a strenuous activity, even when it shouldn’t be.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away is the most common line that one must have heard their parents say. But 8 hours of sleep keeps a whole lot of physical and mental ailments away. Now, that is something very rarely heard.

But, now it is time to emphasize this point as much as we possibly can. So, the following are a few reasons to keep track of your sleep:

Better concentration and productivity

Studies are witness to the fact that poor sleep is a causative factor in the loss of memory, alertness, hardships in decision making and problem-solving. All of these play a major role in productivity. Researchers have been at work finding the connection between sleep and several brain functions. The results are not surprising as researches have shown that sleep has a direct connection with concentration, cognition, and productivity.

As per an article by the National Sleep Foundation,

“Without enough sleep, the brain cannot function properly. This can impair your abilities to concentrate, think clearly, and process memories.”

Sleep can also have a direct impact on a student’s behavior and academics.

Productivity and its meaning have been altered due to the pandemic and work from home environments. Working too much is also not seeming enough to feel productive. This has caused people to work non-stop and put off sleep, altering sleeping patterns. But what they fail to understand is that sleep deprivation and working too hard is no better for productivity or concentration.

Lower weight gain risk and calorie regulation

Sleep deprivation has not been a proven factor for weight gains and does not seem to directly affect the same. But, sleep deprivation is a factor in an unhealthy lifestyle. This puts the body at risk of physical issues as well.

Calorie regulation is important to maintaining the right amount of weight as per the BMI measures. There is a direct relationship between calorie regulation and sleep patterns. As per a study National Academy of Sciences of the USA, sleep patterns are responsible and have an effect on hormones that regulate appetite. With unusual sleep patterns and sleep deprivation, the bodily functions of calorie regulation can turn upside down.

Lower risk of heart disease

Sleep issues and disorders have a direct impact on heart health, and the impact is all negative. Heart diseases are more common than ever due to increased levels of stress, over-working, extreme exhaustion, and we can add sleep deprivation to the list.

Sleep apnea is one of the many sleep disorders that occur while someone is sleeping. This happens due to continuous air blockage during sleep, due to which one stops breathing for short spans of time. This is an issue that is followed by health difficulties such as heart problems and obesity. Sleep apnea has an impact on your breathing during the sleeping period and thus affects the amount of oxygen intake. Sleep apnea can cause heart stroke or result in high levels of blood pressure.

Insomnia is another sleep disorder that refers to when someone has trouble falling asleep or staying asleep for long. Insomnia has linkages with blood pressure which again is a causative factor for heart strokes.

Social and emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence; the ability to detect the emotions of others as we do our own. Emotional intelligence is an important factor that determines the quality of our social life and socialization in general. Rapid Eye Movement [REM] Sleep is the last two hours of sleep within the 8 hours and the most important part of our sleep cycle. These two hours are for the emotional tune-up. Every human needs to have a functional, emotional system and intelligence.

Studies indicate that there is a relationship between sleep and emotional intelligence as well. According to a study conducted in Iran with 377 students, who were asked to fill two questionnaires, the conclusions were what we could expect. Poor sleep was prevalent in 61% of the students. Optimal sleep quality was correlated with higher performance in emotional intelligence.

Studies have also made it clear that sleep is not just inter-linked with emotional intelligence but also emotions and mood. Sleep deprivation is a causative factor to negative moods such as anger or irritation, which can slowly also lead to depression and anxiety.

Preventing depression

Sleep deprivation is closely linked to mood disorders such as anxiety and depression, as stated before. Sleeplessness already affects our mood the next morning, but the situation over a long time can prove detrimental and cause the development of mood disorders.

Among people with depression, only 25% of people are able to actually get proper sleep, and the rest, 75%, are mostly sleep deprived. This implies that either poor sleep can be the starting point for depression, or depression can cause sleeplessness. This interdependency is quite visible.

This means that an individual needs to see what is causing what. Sleep deprivation and disorders are easy to track with symptoms of short spans of sleep, insomnia, i.e., no sleep, having trouble going to sleep, feeling tired throughout the day, etc. Some very common symptoms of depression are loss of interest in even the favorite activities, running away from socialization, feeling helpless, loss of energy and daytime sleepiness.

If the signs of both are visible, a doctor’s visit is not going to hurt you.

Lower inflammation

Even inflammation in the body is connected to the quality of sleep. Inflammatory bowel diseases are connected to sleep deprivation, according to a study published in the World Journal of Gastroenterology.

Stronger immune system

The immune system is what keeps the human body away from all minor ailments and diseases. A strong immune system is a must for a healthy life. Sleep helps the regeneration, recovery, and preparation of the body. Research indicates that good sleep quality can help the body fight off infections.

Importance of getting enough sleep

As all the points above suggest, sleep deprivation is detrimental to health. But, what is the importance of enough sleep, and what exactly is enough sleep?

Eight hours of sleep is considered the best amount of sleep to improve the health and well-being of the human body and mind. The human body prepares itself to tolerate sleeplessness and adapts to different routines without the person even knowing. Thus, humans are sometimes unaware of their sleep deprivation and deficiency issues, and it becomes normal for them.

Plenty of enough sleep is important for the body to function properly and keep away from diseases. The sleep duration may differ for different ages. The recommendations of hours of sleep for different ages by the National Sleep Foundation:

Age Range

The recommended amount of sleep per day

0-3 months

14-17 hours

4-11 months

12-15 hours

1-2 years

11-14 hours

3-5 years

10-13 hours

6-13 years

9-11 hours

14-17 years

8-10 hours

18-25 years

7-9 hours

26-60 years

7-9 hours

60 years and older

7-8 hours

Issues due to sleep deprivation

Lack of sleep is linked to mental disorders and physical ailments such as obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, high blood pressure, stroke, etc.

Memory issues-

Sleep is the time when the brain forms connections that help in remembering information. Thus, sleep deprivation is a causative factor of long-term and short-term memory loss.

Mood swings-

moodiness, emotional conflicts, chronic mood disorders are all a part of the package of sleep deprivation.

Risk of diabetes-

Sleeplessness also affects insulin production in the body. Insulin is what regulates the blood sugar levels in the body.

Prone to bone weakness-

Sleep deprivation is also responsible for weakness and lower bone strength. It makes one prone to falls and bone damage.

Weight gain-

chemicals in the body signal the brain but sleep deprivation disbalances your core body functions. This implies that you won’t get the signal of having a full stomach and over-indulge.


This is more of an indirect relation. Being drowsy during the day due to sleep deprivation during the night, car or vehicle accidents become more common.


Sleep is important for the functioning of the body, for the mind, and for the core. There are many issues that follow sleep deprivations, and we need to steer clear of the same. A healthy lifestyle can help with sleep.

But we are a person suffering from insomnia, and then you may be thinking now how it’s not easy as it is written in the article to sleep. Have you tried to sleep several times, knowing well what all health issues you will end up getting with your insomnia being severe? There is no reason for you to worry. It is for people like you that Skin Project’s sleep lattes exist. Skin Project, our favorite skincare products company, has brought to market products like ‘Collagen sleep Latte for Men’ and ‘Beauty Sleep Collagen Latte for Women’, which will not only help you sleep but also will help you get brighter, healthy skin. The latte is completely made using natural ayurvedic elements, blending perfectly to make it a 2 in 1 advantage product. So don’t hesitate to purchase them right away and start using them from today onwards to say wonderful changes to you.

While we go on about our lives, sleep is at the back of our minds, even though it should be a priority. So don’t forget to make it your priority right away and purchase Skin Project’s sleep lattes to keep your body and your skin healthy at the same time.

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