Sleep: Your answer to staying healthy

Sleep: Your answer to staying healthy

Sleep: Your answer to staying healthy

Are you a person who gives importance to your sleep schedule? Or are you just a person who sleeps when you feel like sleeping and not if you are not sleepy? Sleep is not something we should attend to without any importance. The hectic lifestyles and stressful work schedules of people have made them ignore their sleep schedules.

You might now be wondering why you should bother about your sleep schedule since you can work energetically throughout the day, even with less than six hours of sleep. But it is important for you to know that this is not something you can brag about. Like the basic necessities of life, including air, food and water, sleep is also very important for our existence. And thus, a lack of sleep can bring to you all sorts of illness, which may even lead to your early demise.

Why is sleeping important?

When we are leading a chaotic, stressful life, we don’t give sleep much importance to lead a happy, healthy life. After having a busy, chaotic day, it is bad if you don’t get a good night’s sleep. That will make it further stressful and harder for you to concentrate the next day. If this system continues, you will end up having insomnia. This will increase your chances of getting mental health issues like depression and anxiety. Other than this, sleep deprivation will also affect your physical health as your immune system will also get weak.

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How many hours should I minimum sleep?

You are all now tensed, aren’t you? You may all now be wondering how many hours should minimum sleep so that you can catch with all the sleep you lost. Research shows that most people need at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep to function properly. Sleeping less and being awake for several hours during the day is not good for your physical strength and endurance, but since our body doesn’t always complain, you will only see your health deteriorating gradually.

Benefits of quality 8-hour sleep

You might now know that a good night’s sleep is very important. This is as important as following a healthy diet and exercising. Let’s look at the several benefits one by one of regular quality sleep.

 Sharper Brain

Have you ever felt a bit smarter and enthusiastic on the next day after getting a full night’s proper sleep? Most of you probably have, and yes, that is because our brain’s functioning has a lot to do with how much sleep we got. Without proper sleep, you tend to get forgetful and exhausted. A lack of proper sleep can also make it hard for you to focus on matters and take in new information. Also, it is during sleep that our brain comprehends and goes through our various memories, making us remember things faster the next day after proper sleep.

Mood Boost

Like how our brain goes through our memories when we sleep, it also will try and comprehend our emotions, thus helping us show the right way to react to several matters when needed.

A lack of sleep will not let the brain do this, thus making us have more negative, pessimistic thoughts than positive ones. Research proves that mood disorders are usually developed due to lack of sleep. Studies also have proved that people suffering from insomnia have around five times more chance of developing depression, panic attacks, anxiety, etc. Thus proper sleep will help you hit a reset button on a bad day and shows you a better outlook on life.

Healthier heart

Sleep is directly proportional to a healthier heart. The greater the sleep you have, the healthier your heart will be. Our blood pressure follows a 24-hour cycle, but if we are sleeping, it will go down and will help the heart and the blood vessels to relax a bit, thus giving them lesser work. If we consistently have high blood pressure, we will have a higher chance of getting heart attacks and strokes. Thus be sure to have proper 8 hours sleep to keep you and your heart healthy.

Steadier Blood Sugar

When you sleep, the glucose level in your blood drops as you don’t need it for energy when you are resting. This will give you a steadier sugar level in the body, making you less likely to get type 2 diabetes.

Improved Immune System

If you have an unsteady sleep schedule, then your immune cells will also have an unsteady schedule making them weak. Immune systems work immediately by identifying the harmful invaders and destroying them to ward off illness in normal circumstances. But if you lack sleep, they will also not be having their required rest, making them not act quickly, and this will end up you getting prone to diseases.

Weight control

A well-scheduled sleep will make you well-rested, making you less hungry. When you are sleep deprived, that will mess up the hormones in your brain, including leptin and ghrelin, which control appetite. This imbalance of these hormones will decrease your resistance to have unhealthy foods. You could also be tired from lack of sleep, so it is obvious that a lot of food with lack of exercise will end up in you gaining weight. This is why poor sleep is strongly linked to weight gain. Thus have a regular perfect sleep to have a balanced sleep.

A maximized athletic performance

If you are an athlete, a perfect sleep schedule of 8 hours is very important. A perfect sleep schedule will help you build up energy to use for athletic activities and improve your motivation. This longer sleep has been shown to improve many aspects of athletic and physical performance.

Thus quality sleep will be beneficial in every aspect of your life. You may also have figured by now if you have any difficulties in your health condition, then that is because of your lack of sleep.


We are taught from a very young age about how sleeping is very important by our teachers and parents. But as we grow up, we tend to forget it and set up a sleeping schedule according to our convenience, paying minimal attention to how many hours we sleep. But it’s a big-time that we change our attitude on this and set up a proper sleep schedule keeping at least 8 hours of sleep on your schedule. Sleep healthy and stay healthy!

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