The Best Foods for Hair growth.

The Best Foods for Hair growth.

We all want strong and healthy hair. But depending on our genetics, age, race, and other factors such as our diet, we all have very different experiences ranging from a thick head of healthy hair to significant hair loss.

One big factor that we can all improve upon when it comes to hair growth is our diet. So which foods out there are best for hair growth.Spanich for Hair growth.


Popeye knew that spinach keeps you strong. Indeed, spinach is high in iron, folate, and several vitamins. Deficiencies in these are linked to hair loss.

Omega 3 Rich Fish for Hair growth.

Omega 3 rich fish

Omega 3 from fish such as salmon is believed to promote hair growth. And even if you don’t immediately notice improvements, the vitamins, nutrients, and selenium in fish will definitely boost your overall health.

Nuts for Hair growth.


Quite apart from the fact that they are incredibly tasty and make our tummies feel good, nuts contain B vitamins, zinc, and essential fatty oils, all of which are believed to promote hair growth.

Eggs for Hair growth.


Intuitively we have known that eggs are good for several things including hair growth. Eggs are great for protein, selenium, zinc, and anyone suffering from a biotin deficiency.

Ginseng for Hair growth.


Ginseng is believed to be good for hair growth and reawakening hair follicles. Consequently, ginseng is often added to shampoos and conditioners.

Almond butter

Almond Butter

Almond butter is perhaps the wild card in this list of healthy foods for your hair. And the evidence seems to suggest that its high Vitamin E content might help thicken hair and promote hair growth. The great news is almond butter is also healthier than traditional peanuts butter.

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