The importance of fabric | FASHION TREND 2020

The importance of fabric | FASHION TREND 2020

The importance of fabric | FASHION TREND 2020

As we all know, fabric plays a big role when it comes to fashion trends. Those fashion trends directly impact what we create or buy for our clothing, bags, and shoes, just to name a few. Keeping an eye on these fabric trends gives us an edge when creating from season to season.

This gave us a glimpse into the future for popular fabrics which will be used in the spring and summer seasons in 2020.

The hottest fabric trends for spring and summer in 2020 is not your typical Lightweight cotton and linen. The forward-thinking fabric trends for spring and summer 2020 are bold, exciting, and not what one would expect.

When we talk of prints, the 60’s prints to rock the fashion haus. The absurd wallpaper designs are going to change the fashion game to another notch. They are as mute or as loud as you would want to make the trendsetters lock down your look.

Another thing that is an understatement but a concept yet ahead of its time is also going to enter the niche market with a bang. UPF technology.

As we all know the environment is not going to be easy to deal with as of 2020 if any necessary changes are not made. Skin Project is uniquely the only brand around the globe that has been able to formulate the world’s first, thinnest, softest, UPF luxury fabric in their exclusive skincare-fashion-tech line Sun Experiments.

A fashion apparel line launched by Vogue itself wherein we have formulated, breakthrough technological fashion innovation, INTERNATIONALLY PATENTED, The creators of a new age, UPF 50+, Vitamin E infused, finest organic silk couture Kaftans and dresses.

Leaving no carbon footprint the only honest and sustainable way to holistic skin protection, in the most beautiful way is a perfect fit in your hotel a takeaway that does what it says it does. Allowing you to embrace the outdoors.

A beautiful marriage of skin preservation and runway fashion. Launched by CONDE NAST, VOUGE, featured in VERVE, BAZAAR, COSOMOPOLITAL, POP xo.A growing phenomenon and a stellar response at exclusive landmark luxury hotels, The Taj Mahal Palace (Mumbai), Four Seasons (Mumbai), Four Seasons (Bahrain), W Maldives, and a growing list, in a short span of time.

It’s a beautiful take away to protect and style while feeling like you’re in silk heaven. Since there is a huge wave of destruction going on in nature, as increasing diseases like melanoma, cancer, permanent sun damage, we are unceasingly intense about developing a fabric that is sustainable, organic, and that protect & nourish your skin with infused vitamin E via nanotechnology but have character style, movement & are fun.

“We consign 5% of our earnings to local animal- welfare & women empowerment organizations.  Our brand believes in fluidity, which makes it suitable for usage for all genders, color, ethnicity, or skin type. “- Skin Project

It is not only needed the moment to protect our environment but also ourselves from the harmful effects of global warming. We hope to penetrate further into the market with the phenomenon of the usage of tech-infused sustainable fashion for the enhancement of beauty and cutting down the environmental damage by being ecofriendly.

I hope you check out the amazing Skin Project.

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