Why Should We take Collagen?

Why Should We take Collagen?

Why Should We take Collagen?

Collagen, once known to only doctors, has now become a need for many in the world. People include these amino acids in their diet in every way possible, from solids to liquids, leaving a large proportion of people with several questions about collagen and its intake. Well, we are here to clear some doubts about collagen and to inform why one should consider the intake of this supplement?

We need to understand what is collagen? Well, collagen is the most abundant type of protein found in the body. About one-third of protein is present in the form of collagen in our body. It is one of the major building blocks necessary for the functioning of the body and, in layman’s language, acts as a “glue” that holds everything together. But as we grow older, our body’s collagen production declines, and thus our body might be in need of these artificial supplements to keep the body steady and function.

Role of Various Types Collagen In Our Body Parts

There exist almost 16 types of collagen in our body that operates on different parts of the body. The four main types are as follows:

TYPE 1- This type of collagen covers almost 90% of your body’s collagen count and consists of knit fibers. It provides structure to bones, skin, cartilages, teeth, connective tissues, and so on.

TYPE 2- This type of collagen is  loosely  packed and present in the body and found in the elastic cartilages of our joints

TYPE 3- These support the structure of our organs, arteries, and muscles.

TYPE 4- This collagen acts as a filter and is present in the layers of our skin

What are Collagen Supplements?

Collagen supplements are different types of amino acids or “peptides” usually extracted from the bones, hides, or fish scales. Most peptide powders contain something is known as ‘Hydrolyzed” type- 1, which already have chains of amino acids broken down into smaller units allowing them to dissolve in liquids and solids fast and making it easier for our body to consume and absorb.

These supplements help the body to form skins and tendons to help us perform well in our daily life. The “Hydrolyzed” collagen has gained immense popularity in recent times as it can be mixed with everything from coffee to smoothies without leaving any bitter taste in the mouth. Another type of supplement gaining favor overtime is “Gelatin,” which is formed when collagen is cooked. Collagen supplements are available in various forms like tablets, capsules, and powders.

Benefits of these Supplements

Many researchers are still conducting studies on the benefits and side effects of the consumption of collagen supplements but from the studies already conducted, here is what we know about the upsides of consuming collagen.

1) Strengthening Muscle Mass

A 2019 study conducted by the National Institute of Health concluded that if we take Collagen peptide which is combined with active strength training helps in increasing the muscle mass of the body and also builds up strength faster than any other alternative protein supplement.

2) Improving Bone Density

A study conducted on postmenopausal women concluded that women who took collagen supplements daily showed improvement in their bone density faster than others who did not. The study showed promising results when taken with a combination of Vitamin D and calcium. The study indicates that these supplements help an individual to prevent bone deterioration better than any other process.

3) Improve Joint Health

As a person ages, the health of our joints starts to degrade and break down quicker, especially the spongy cartilage present in our joints. But, certain researches conducted points towards the evidence that collagen supplements can help in rehabilitating and preventing our joints from deteriorating and potentially help in curing Arthritis and Osteoporosis by helping them to reduce their pain and increase their bone density.

4) Supports Heart Health

Few studies have concluded that taking collagen supplements in your diet has been known to support our cardiovascular system by reducing artery stiffness and reducing their cholesterol level, promoting a healthy heart. But, more researches are in the process of proving the positive effects of collagen in supporting our heart.

5) Better Skin

Many studies have concluded that taking collagen supplements can help an individual to reduce the result of aging by reducing wrinkles, adding moisture, and improving the elasticity of the skin. There were also claims of reducing acne using collagen supplements, but there is no scientific proof to support this view.

Other potential benefits of taking collagen supplements include improving mood, reducing anxiety, maintaining a healthy gut and weight, and promoting hair and nail growth. One of the major doubts people have in using collagen supplements is which brand to use? Well, do not worry, we have got you covered.

Skin Project has introduced a variety of collagen powder drink mixes that can be used in any form of liquid on the go. These mixes are a combination of collagen with many Indian medicinal herbs, thus helping us to reduce stress, pain, and so on while also helping men and women, both to take care of their skin and hair by reducing wrinkles, hair fall, etc.

The Bottom Line

Collagens are usually made using animal meat, so many vegetarians and vegans should keep a check on the kind of collagen they are consuming, whether it meets their preference or not. Collagen supplements seem to offer a variety of benefits, from improving skin to reducing joint pain, but one should always seek a doctor’s recommendation before consuming any supplement to avoid any side effects that can harm an individual’s health.

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